EUCIC Infection Prevention: start of new cohort


In March 2020 a new EUCIC training cohort will start.

With the EUCIC Infection Prevention and Control Certificate, EUCIC aims to provide a unique European perspective on infection prevention and control. It does this by sharing the expertise and competencies within training centres, countries and professions. This collaborative effort will result in the training of a new generation of IPC specialists.

The European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) has agreed to contribute to the training programme. ECDC’s contribution is in the areas of  the advanced modules surveillance and-, epidemiology and data analysis. 

The two-year EUCIC training programme starts on 29th of March 2020 with a basic and compulsory module in Groningen. Advanced modules will follow on 29th of March, May and Nov 2020, Feb, May, September and  Nov 2021, respectively. In addition, trainees will have the opportunity to attend local modules in different countries comprising the topics of the curriculum and apply for observerships.

More information can be found here

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